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The holy month of Ramazan sees hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Hyderabad observe strict fasting from dawn to dusk followed by lively nightly feasts at several locations across the city. During this time, restaurants and makeshift stalls go all out to lay a grand spread of Ramzan-special food for Hyderabad, making it one of the best months in the gastronomical calendar to visit the city. This is the time that Hyderabad sees the most vibrant of street parties that you can possibly see in India. Offering a feast for all your senses with food sizzling on the ovens, indulgent aroma drifting in the air, colourful stalls displaying their inviting fare, and a wide variety of iftar food items – the city will make sure you have an experience you cannot forget anytime soon. Iftar in Hyderabad continues till wee

Ramzan_Special_Dishes_Hyderabad_fingerbowl hours of the morning, which will give you plenty of time to go “Haleem hopping” or to try a bit of everything if you are up for the challenge. Although Ramazan food might be a bit biased towards non-vegetarians with most of the dishes having a generous amount of meat in them, there are still several appetisers and desserts that a vegetarian could enjoy.For a person experiencing Ramazan in Hyderabad for the first time, it might help to have a little list of dishes to make sure they don’t miss out on the most renowned versions of Ramzan special food items in Hyderabad.



Ramzan-Special Dishes to Try in Hyderabad

1) Haleem

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Ramadan marks the beginning of 30 days of festive eating with Haleem as the centre of attraction. Only during the holy month will Hyderabadi Biryani take a backseat and let Haleem shine as the most popular dish in the city. The name that comes to mind first while talking about Haleem is, of course, Pista House which with its innovations have achieved international acclaim with tubs of Pista House Haleem being shipped to the Middle East, Europe, US, and Canada during this time.

2) Kababs

Numerous varieties of scrumptious Kababs are available for the Hyderabadi foodie looking to revel in the festivities of Ramzan. All-year-round favourite street food, Kababs, are quick filling food items that are a must try when you are in Hyderabad – during the holy month or otherwise.

3) Nahari

Popular not just for its distinct taste, Nahari, is also considered to be a remedy to some illnesses like the common cold. Nahari is a stew with meat and bone marrow that is slow-cooked for hours with myriad spices giving it an indulgent aroma and an unforgettable flavour.

4) Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma, a dessert made of vermicelli is the quintessential Ramzan dessert. Ramzan and Eid in Hyderabad would be incomplete without this sweet pudding. Nutrition packed (with dates and nuts) as well as delectable, Sheer Khurma is a guilt free dessert which is a must-try at the end of iftar.

5) Irani chai

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Adding ‘mawa‘ to the tea is what sets Irani chai apart. Also, the pure milk used is boiled over low flame for hours at a stretch. Immensely popular among both locals and visitors, Hyderabadi Irani Chai is something that stays with you long after you have taken the last sip.


Hyderabad probably lays out the best iftar spread in the country and it’s a treat in itself to be a part of the festivities during this very special month. Let us know what is your favourite iftar food using the comment box below.

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