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Yet another online table reservation app. Bleh!” – I hear you say.
But hey, hear us out before you dismiss this new kid on the block altogether.

Did you ever have to wait in the lobby of a restaurant to get a table for so long that you nearly left the place? Or have you ever waited at your table staring at the walls and counting seconds for your food to arrive as your stomach growled from hunger?

Yes, we all have.

Our team decided to start Fingerbowl an online table reservation and food pre-order App because we are all fine dining enthusiasts – the fancy decor, elaborate menu, aesthetically laid out food – we love the whole nine yards that make fine dining the beautiful experience it is. But what used to dampen our spirits was the super-long waiting times.


Fingerbowl with an option for foodies to pre-order food and reserve table online in advance is an attempt to make fine-dining simple, convenient, and QUICK! We are trying to take away all the service delays so that you get to spend your time enjoying the meal and the people you are sharing it with instead of waiting.

On our App you can shortlist restaurants based on several factors – distance from where you are, cuisine you love (or would love to try out), or even the top restaurants based on the reviews.

The reviews on our website are NOT provided or influenced by the restaurants but by diners like yourself – someone who loves food and likes to have a voice. You get to look at the photos of the restaurants, get a feel of what you can expect and also get the idea about the exact cost of the meal.

Fingerbowl is trying to make fine dining easy and attainable by everyone by listing not just the high end places but also the budget places. Whether you are a student or a professional, if you like fine dining and want to book tables online at your favorite restaurants, we’ll have a recommendation to fit your needs!

As We mentioned right at the beginning of the post, we are a team of food enthusiasts and our interest is not confined to restaurants and fine dining. We have so much to say about other aspects of food, drinks, and dining in general and this is where it’s all going to be. So, make sure you pop over now and then and keep an eye out for our updates.

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